Portfolio manager Winnie Kwan and investment director Kent Chan explore the long-term investment outlook for China. Amid a damaging trade war and political unrest in Hong Kong, they see the world’s second largest economy as a classic stock picker’s market — presenting select opportunities for patient investors.

Kent Chan is an equity investment director with 27 years of experience. Before joining Capital Group in 2016, he spent over 20 years in Asia. He previously headed the Greater China equity research team at Barclays and helped lead global and Asian technology equity research at Citigroup. He holds a bachelor's from the University of California, Berkeley. (Investment directors do not manage assets.)

Winnie Kwan is an equity portfolio manager with 22 years of investment experience, 19 at Capital Group. She previously covered global exchanges, Asian utilities and small-cap companies as an investment analyst. Winnie holds master's and bachelor's degrees in economics from Cambridge. She is also a CFA charterholder.



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